To look up and see white. A white cleaner than any other. So much so, it shines. And why shouldn’t it? It’s covering the sun so why would it not make an effort to take its place appropriately. It is strangely calming. Like wind decided to glide above the sea and took with it the foam that breaks against rocks and sand, and anything in the way of its waves. And left the sea unable to continue its attempts to cover all land; and instead, scattered it all above, covering eyes from the stars and deceitful feelings those give away.

Fear loves,

so fear lies.

And for a change,

it regrets.

But it could not

ever forget,

of the nights

before the blinds

closed down,

and let darkness in


Fear loves love,

fear loves life.

Yet pain,

is fear’s wife.

What a nice,

little affair,

to pass time.

As one begins,

the other ends.

One and the same.


and all that remained

were the pain and the games

of the war of the play

that in my heart took place

And again we fall through the same damn hole,

succumbing once more to temptation.

And yet after not saying a single word,

knowing we’ve called each other love.

The smell of paint on the walls,

Makes all tears and barriers fall,

Onto the room where we last stood

Before goodbyes were reparted,

As if pain and remembrance forgot,

But it feels as if we’re blasting silence through a speaker,

drowning every other sound our hearts may dare to make,

trying to tell us that what we feel is…


a word that used to be

one of my many

but few


Now I can’t seem

to use it day to day,

it makes me


all the chances you

just threw away.


It was like someone took a book from a library in another age, so long ago the leather covers were barely that which deserved said name, under the rain. Then let drops fall unto the words from years past, flipped it around and let the ink fall, thus giving form to him. Tall, grey umbrella, ocean blue shirt with the sleeves folded up to his mid-arm, grey vest and pants, messy long black hair, dark brown shoes, grey barrette, thin pointed nose, soft but devilish smirk, light blue with a silvery shine coloured eyes and the umbrella; the umbrella he…

Irianne Carver

student in love with words

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